Are You Kixer Material?

Kixer helps connect mobile users with the most engaging mobile content. We do this by helping app developers market their products through our app recommendation widget that lives across a portfolio of mobile websites that include  TMZ, IGN, EOnline, USMagazine and hundreds more. Kixer recommendations are generated from user insights garnered through analysis of massive amounts of data.
  • We believe in data. With enough data, we believe our machines can learn what someone wants before they know they want it. We believe that, in a world of perfect data, someone should never have the need to go to Google search.
  • We believe in the 80/20 rule. That 20% of what you do is responsible for 80% of outcome. We look to eliminate anything that distracts from focusing on that 20%.
  • We believe in speed. We believe that if technology is architected and developed right, there should never be any wait times for anything.
  • We believe that with the right tools, you can have 10X the impact with less work.
  • We believe developers have the best ideas on how to improve things. We hold regular “Ship It Days.” These are a 24-hour hack-a-thons where developers can work on anything that they believe will improve Kixer.
  • We believe failures are a good thing. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough. We actively work at increasing our iteration speed so that we can fail quicker and get to a solution that is orders of magnitude better in a faster time frame.
  • We believe developers need to be able to focus. We try shielding developers from meetings so they can focus on the 20% that matters.
  • We believe in small teams. Small teams will always be faster and nimbler which allows them to adapt to the marketplace and beat out larger competitors.
If all of this sounds appealing to you, then we’d love to hear from you! Contact us!